Wednesday, March 31, 2010

how to recovery rar (repair)

 How to repair files if Recovery Record is present ?

1. Open the corrupted file and press ALT+R or select TOOLS-->REPAIR ARCHIVE, a window will appear

2. Give the location where repaired file is to be saved and hit OK.

   3. After pressing the OK button a window will appear(SCREENSHOT), now your file is repairing.

4. When repairing is done, there will be repaired file with prefix name "fixed" or "rebuilt"
 5. you must rename that "rebuilt" file to origanal name like "GTA.SA.RiP6ooMB.part1"
thats all
~tq to annu~ 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge (pc/720Mb)

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Westwood Studios
Genre: Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy 
Release Date: Oct 10, 2001 (US)

download link :
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.part1.rar
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.part2.rar
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.part3.rar
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.part4.rar
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.part5.rar
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.part6.rar
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.part7.rar
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.part8.rar
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